Living Off Grid 101: Lighting

Stacy with oil lamp
Stacy with oil lamp

Editor’s Note: Please welcome back our special guest bloggers Doug and Stacy from popular YouTube channel OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY!  Eight years ago, they decided to leave the rat race, cut that average $100 a month electric bill, and live a much more simpler life. Today they’re sharing with us how they light their home without electricity.

One of the biggest things people take for granted is electricity. The ability to flip a switch and turn a light on is rarely thought about or questioned. When you live off the grid like we do and embrace the pioneer lifestyle, turning the lights on takes a bit more thought and effort.

Because we went with this type of lifestyle, we had to think outside the box when it came to lighting. Our go-to was the Lehman’s catalog where we actually learned about the many types and varieties of off-grid lighting. We both remember a sense of relief knowing that we could do this.

Non-electric lamp
Beautiful, tranquil light

Both of us decided on four things to start bringing light into our home. Our first purchase for our off-grid home was an Aladdin lamp. We learned that these lamps are the brightest lamps available. They are much brighter than any other wick lamp. Of course, Doug picked the old Dietz lanterns the pioneers used to go outside at night and check the barn. These lanterns worked as an all-purpose lamp on hooks in our home also. A clever idea was to add a mirror on wall mount lanterns and sconces. After we ordered these, we couldn’t believe how much the light reflected in the room. One of the most important lights on our homestead is our headlamps. They are used inside and out. It is a grab and go light. We even keep them in the truck when we come home after dark!

Over these past few years, we have learned a lot about different ways to light our home besides using electricity. Before the “switch,” we never really gave it a second thought. The challenges of finding alternatives has been fun and we enjoy searching through the newest catalog to see what could be in store next. We really do enjoy the ambiance of the lanterns. It is very relaxing after a long day’s work. The soft light helps us with our sleep/wake patterns and we sleep sound and deep.

Another great addition are the olive oil lamps. It is amazing to think that these date back to biblical times. What a great time to explore alternatives to things that have become routine. This is the best part…..with the money we have saved over the eight years, we had a great vacation with the grandkids!

Off Grid with Doug and StacyWondering how to heat your home when you’re off the grid? Check out the first article in Doug and Stacy’s Living Off Grid 101 series.

You can also find Doug and Stacy on YouTube or Facebook.

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