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Lehman’s recently sent out an email to members of the Countrylife.net forums and the LehmansLife email list introducing an exciting new Forum. Here is part of that email.

As you know, the forums on Countrylife.net are active, dynamic communities with many devoted members. Lehman’s has been proud to sponsor these forums over the years, and we wish to continue supporting this format.

The Countrylife.net website has become dated and difficult to maintain. So, for several months we have been investigating an improved replacement for Countrylife.net, and we have built some excellent new and exciting web sites to encourage our already active communities to grow.

Now we would like to introduce a new forum that we feel would be an excellent fit for the members of the Countrylife.net forums. For many years, Lehman’s maintained an email list called Lehmanslife. This was a large group of knowledgeable folks who asked each other questions and gave each other answers to those questions. We would like to introduce you to the new Lehman’s Life forums at http://lehmanslife.lehmans.com.

It is our sincerest desire to continue to support and extend this important community. To make sure we have a clean list to work with, we ask that you register for Lehman’s Life. (This is totally free, and you can be assured that Lehman’s has a very strict privacy policy http://www.lehmans.com/privacy .)

(Note: At the end of October, countrylife.net will be automatically redirected to the new blog.)

If you have not had an opportunity to visit the new Forum, I would like to invite you to take a look and join in. I have added a link at the top of the blog called “Lehman’s Life“,

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