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We are proud to announce!I just read an article in one of the industry newsletters asking, “Do consumers care about online privacy?”. The article went on to outline how consumers do not understand the rules of the online marketplace, and there is a general apathy toward privacy and security. I am not so sure I agree. People may not necessarily understand or research what online security is about, but they certainly expect it. Personally, I do not blame them. (Note to self: write an article about security at Lehman’s!)

Security is just one part of the equation. Another part is establishing credibility. So just how do you establish online credibility? There are many businesses online; some are only online and others support a print catalog and online presence. Lehman’s is one of the unique businesses online that offers an online catalog, a print catalog and a physical store (open since 1955). If you have never been to Lehman’s store in Kidron Ohio, I personally recommend a trip. Even with an established catalog and a store that has existed for over 50 years, not everybody knows who you are. This is where a third party comes in to help.

Lehman’s has chosen the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to help us establish our online credibility. Galen (Lehman’s President) has participated in the BBB online since July 2000, and Lehman’s has been a member since 1978 (way before the Internet). Galen is very proud to announce that Lehman’s has again been approved to carry the organization’s seal. As Lehman’s Webmaster and E-commerce director, I am excited to add the updated seal to our site for the third year in a row (length of time I have worked for Galen).

The BBB does not hand this out to just anybody; click on the seal to read the BBB report about Lehman’s and their (BBB) standards. Customer service is something that is very important to Galen and the rest of us at Lehman’s. I have seen our survey results from the Live Chat and our online survey available on our website. Lehman’s consistently gets props for customer service. Call one of our customer service representatives and you will get a friendly voice. Whether that voice belongs to Kathi, Sandy, Mark, Cherene, or one of the other CSRs, they will do whatever they can to make your experience with Lehman’s a positive one.

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