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As with anything new there is a period of time for discovery and learning. This is certainly a constant around Lehman’s and as such, it is also a constant with our newly lauched Country Life Blog. No matter how much testing is done, there is always something that crops up. I am pleased to announce that the feedback so far is extremely positive, and the problems few, most of them are my own oversights. One of the questions that has been asked through the stalls of Lehman’s barn (office) and in the loft, is the difference between a post and a comment. I thought I would address this question on Country Life for the world to see.

I am currently writing a posting, any of our registered users may create a posting. A posting is intended to be an article or a question that the writer wishes to gather feedback from fellow users or perhaps you have something you wish to write and do not mind people giving you feedback. For example, you would like some feedback on how you plan to purify your drinking water supply, after searcing for any existing information, you may want to write a posting outlining what you intend to try. Our staff here at Lehman’s Country Life will look at the posting before it is published to the site to make sure there is nothing in the posting that violates our posting guidelines. These guidelines are intended to keep inappropriate postings from showing up on Country Life. The posting will then appear on Lehman’s Country Life in it’s appropriate category (chosen by the writer and/or staff). See complete instructions on how to create a post by clicking here.

When what I am writing is posted, I hope to get feedback from the Lehman’s Country Life community, which includes all the users of this blog (or other blogs). The feedback comes in the form of a comment. The comment is the easiest thing to do in Lehman’s Country Life, log in if not already logged in. At the end of the posting is an area with the word: comment. If comments exist for the posting, the text after will indicate the number of comments  otherwise it will have “Be the first to comment”.  Click on that text and your browser will be directed to the postings page. Where a text box will appear in the Comment area. There will be additional information available (who you are logged in as, RSS feed info, and other comments). Simply type your comment in the text box provided and click the Submit Comment button below the text box. Lehman’s Country Life Staff will look at the comment for compliance with the posting guidelines and it will appear. See complete instructions on how to comment by clicking here.

That is it! I hope that I will get some comments on this posting as well as some feedback from the Country Life community.

  • If there is something we missed to make Lehman’s Country Life great, put it in your comment for the world to see.
  • If you need more information, put it in the comment for the world to see.

Happy Blogging!

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Chad (@chad)
14 years ago

Great job in putting this blog together. It looks like you’re really finding ways to have WordPress work for you. I’ll see if my wife or I can put together a couple nice postings for you.

Chad (@chad)
14 years ago

Oh, here is a couple tips for Wordpres if you haven’t found them yet. Get the Akismet plugin, its a wonderfull spam comment blocker. Also, there is a nice plugin called “Sidebar Widget” it makes it easy to manage the sidebar content. I also like one I have called “Ad Rotator” I use it to place HTML content. Stuff like static pictures, webring buttons etc.

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