Prepping 101 Giveaway: Win a Family Preparedness Kit!

Prepping 101 SweepstakesThere is a lot of crossover between the worlds of family preparedness, resiliency, homesteading and off-grid living. Add in gardening and living lighter on the planet and you end up with a group of wonderful people who have a lot in common. This makes a marriage between Storey Publishing, the people who put out the best books on all of these subjects, and Lehman’s, the people who sell the best tools and equipment to accomplish the tasks necessary to achieve these lifestyles, something special. As a way to celebrate that connection, we’re having a giveaway!

Storey and Lehman’s are teaming up to offer Lehman’s Family Preparedness/Survival Kit with a signed copy of my book, Prepping 101, to one lucky winner. Whether you are just getting started or already well on the road to a more prepared life, you will find lots in this giveaway to interest you. The kit includes two red backpacks stocked with everything a family of four would need to survive for three days. You will get food, water, a combination light/emergency radio and first-aid supplies. You will also get sleeping bags, a tube tent, lots of basic hygiene supplies and lots more.

The giveaway is open now and runs through October 8th. You can enter through the Storey website. I am so honored to have Prepping 101, included in this package.

I need to be serious for a moment. We live in uncertain times. Storms are becoming more frequent and more intense. We live with the threat of cyber-attacks that can severely disrupt daily life. Our just-in-time delivery system is fragile. We all need to be prepared. It’s the responsible thing to do. This giveaway speaks to all of us and I hope you’ll participate.

Kathy Harrison

About Kathy Harrison

Kathy Harrison is the author of Just in Case, Another Place at the Table, and One Small Boat. She is a national spokesperson for both foster parenting and family preparedness and has appeared on The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and National Public Radio. She lives with her family in western Massachusetts.

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