Stacy Says: Advice for Healthy Eating and Living

doug and stacy
Here are Stacy and Doug, homesteading experts and YouTube vloggers of “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.”

Stacy says…

I was fortunate enough to hang out with YouTube vloggers and homesteaders Doug and Stacy at their Meet and Greet in April at Lehman’s, as were hundreds of our customers and their fans. They traveled to Ohio to help us unveil our Tiny House, all 200 square feet of practical living.

Stacy gave such good advice on healthy eating and living during our visit {sorry, Doug} that I found myself saying to my husband and co-workers, “Stacy says …” over and over.

Below are a few nuggets of wisdom that stuck with me!

Shopping at the grocery: “Stacy says, the darker the food, the better it is for you. So buy purple grapes, dark red apples, and deep green vegetables.”

Ordering food in a restaurant: “Stacy says, ask which salad dressings are made in house – they are always the better choice.”

Trying out new recipes: “Stacy says, grow a small indoor or outdoor herb garden and season most of your meals with fresh herbs. Not only do they taste good, they are good for you.”

Herb Windowsill Box
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Wondering if you have enough property to be a homesteader?: “Stacy says, grow what you can, where you are.”

Thirsty for a tall glass of water?: “Stacy says, drink water at room temperature, not ice cold. It will help your food digest more efficiently.”

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy

Editor’s Note: You can find Doug and Stacy on YouTube or Facebook

Updated April 2019

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