Stick To Tradition With Classic Advent Calendar!

Advent Tree Calendar

Retro in spirit, new in design! Pick up your Advent Tree Calendar now at Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio, or at

Felt Advent calendars, the first “official” decorations of the holiday season in many homes…and one of the few that children could actually touch!

Remember that feeling? The soft fuzzy felt, and how it magically stuck to the calendar, watching the days until Christmas Day…there’s nothing like it.

Now you can pass it on, because Lehman’s Advent Tree Calendar is still available! (In fact, it’s on special!)

What? You say the closest you’ve been to an Advent Calendar is watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Well. There’s more to an Advent calendar than that.

Close Up Advent Tree Calendar

There’s a surprise for the tree in every pocket! Turn card for date.

It’s about taking time to remember the real reasons for the holiday. Having a quiet moment with your family, and counting down the days, to that special time you’ll spend together.

Catch this video, and see how much fun a real Advent Tree Calendar is.

Then order the Advent Tree Calendar, and start a new tradition…for the children, of course!



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