Bottle Up Summer With A Late Summer Project

late summer picnicSummer holds so much possibility, and while I might be more inclined to winter, I love how inviting the warm season feels. Now on the other side of June and July (and half way through August), it can feel like the height of summer is in the rearview. The days are shortening, and soon enough children will be filling their backpacks for the year ahead. (Or, if they are like ten-year-old me, they already have.) Hopefully you tried your hand at something new, or tackled that project you’d been thinking about all Spring. On our part, we got a heap of carrots and garlic into our big fermentation crock. And, hey, maybe you didn’t get to any of that because you were soaking up the sunshine or eating fresh peaches over the sink. That sounds pretty perfect, too. Continue reading

Laundry Day Gets Different When Resources Are At Stake

Kevin's Quality Spring Clothespins

Tired of imported pins that break, and break, and break? Not these. 100% American-made from tough maple, with a fully-wound stainless spring, they’re bigger, stronger and hold heavy laundry better – even in wind.

There are so many things I love about laundry day. Something about clothes hanging on the line, an empty hamper and the idea of general cleanliness. The best laundry days around here are sunny so there’s plenty of solar power to run the machine and to dry the clothes quickly on the line. We try to get the laundry out in the morning so the heavier things have a longer time to dry.

We use a front loading washer here at the moment. It was here when we bought the house and it works fine. It’s an old machine, smaller than the new ones, but it holds quite a large load. It uses far less water than the top loaders, but still comes in at 30 gallons per load. I put a meter on it once to find out. It gets stuffed full and we put in a bag of soap nuts and wash in cold water. On a perfect laundry day with weather and washer co-operating, It gets done quickly and easily.
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Grandma’s Pegs® Make Laundry Day A Little Greener

Grandma's Pegs

Grandma’s Pegs are a great, eco-friendly choice for laundry day. Find them at or in our retail store in Kidron, OH.

Many of us know how wonderful and resourceful using a clothesline can be. Instead of putting your clothes in that rumbling electric dryer (which also costs more), hanging your clothes outside to dry preserves energy and gives your clothes that fresh outdoor scent. However, when you are securing your clothes to the line with those handy clothespins, do you ever wonder where those pins come from? How about all the resources used to make them? Continue reading