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Want pure, delicious syrup but don't have the time to make your own? We've made it for you.

Want pure, delicious syrup but don’t have the time to make your own? We’ve made it for you.

The snow lies deep in the back pasture. The wind whines sharply between the branches of the pine trees and the days remain painfully short. But still, something is happening. I can see it in the changed slant of sun’s rays at 4:00. The chicks I hatched last spring are laying pullet eggs and the year-old Buff Orpingtons are gifting us with huge, double yolkers. Wood piles are shrinking and there is tubing snaking through the maple bush waiting for the first run of sap that will be boiled into syrup. It’s just in time too, as last year’s batch is nearly finished and no one who has eaten the good stuff is willing to settle for the sugar-water-artificial syrup-like substance you can buy at the market in town. Continue reading