Stacy Says: Advice for Healthy Eating and Living

doug and stacy

Here are Stacy and Doug, homesteading experts and YouTube vloggers of “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.”

Stacy says…

I was fortunate enough to hang out with YouTube vloggers and homesteaders Doug and Stacy at their Meet and Greet in April at Lehman’s, as were hundreds of our customers and their fans. They traveled to Ohio to help us unveil our Tiny House, all 200 square feet of practical living. Continue reading

Digital Dude Discovers Simplicity (And You Can, Too)

From his office on main street, Scott and his 10 co-workers spend their days in the digital world. “I sit at my computer all day, every day, building online advertising campaigns,” said Scott, who lives in Colorado. “I was working on the Lehman’s account and started watching the canning video. It just drew me in and I thought I can [pun intended] do this!” Continue reading

Healthy Eating: Eat Well, Live Well

Everyone knows some foods are healthier than others. What some people may not know is that healthy foods often offer benefits other than general well-being for your body, such as increased energy, improved mood, beautifying qualities, and even pain relief. Continue reading