Longing for Spring? Enjoy Fresh Pea Sprouts Now

Pea Fence

Handy pea fence prevents plants from tangling so you can plant closer. It also makes picking peas easier. Just plant peas at the base of the fence. Each fence has 6 hinged panels.

Last year at this time we were looking out at 4+ feet of snow. This year…. well, it’s different. pea sprouts on stoolEl nino has seen to that. Today the sun, reflecting off a mere 1 1/2 feet of snow, is streaming in the southern windows. The perky little pepper seedlings are soaking up the warmth. Water drips from the eaves and near foundations, patches of bare earth send wobbly bits of steam upward. I am itching to plant something, itching to taste some “Spring,” but alas, the forecast says we will drop well below freezing and stay there over the next week. I know too, that this far north, even though the days are getting noticeably longer, true Spring won’t arrive until well into April or May. So, if I can’t plant, I will do the next best thing. Put on some sprouts.

You’ve probably heard of alfalfa sprouts. In fact, the mere mention may trigger memories of deli bars, peace signs, and raggy cut-off jeans. If that is your memory, I would like to introduce you to a different side of sprouting, the micro-green side. Continue reading