Hand-Crank Blender At Home On The Range

Hand-Cranked Blender

Mark depends on his hand-cranked blender for drinks, soups, batters and more. It’s available now at Lehmans.com.

Our wandering cowboy has checked in again! While he searches for the perfect cowpony, he’s keeping us apprised on how Lehman’s products work for him on the road. He’s found the Hand-Crank Blender “indispensible.”

The comfort of having a food blender 24/7 is a must for me.  Other than having a good cup of “cowboy coffee,” a fruit smoothie is one of life’s simple  pleasures.

Lehman’s hand crank blender has allowed me to make fruit drinks, milk shakes, prepare sauces for pasta and mix soup stock where ever I go. After field testing this item for Lehman’s I gave it a hundred per cent rating-plus!

In the year and a half I have used it, I have found it to be very durable and tough.  It has out-preformed my greatest expectations.
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Review: Root Cellaring

Root Cellaring Book

Learn to use the earth’s naturally cool, stable temperature to store fruits and vegetables. Low cost, simple, energy-saving.

This month’s book pick is for the avid gardener, and of course, anyone who is trying to find ways to live more simply. Mike and Nancy Bubel’s book, Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables, is a resourceful guide about natural cold storage for your fruits and vegetables.

Root cellaring makes it possible for you to enjoy your garden’s harvest in the dead of winter, long after the frost has set in. While preserving the harvest is one way to savor your garden through the year (such as canning or freezing), using a root cellar gives you another way to enjoy your harvest. And as the Bubels point out, it can save you money too. Continue reading