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20 Items to Kickstart Your Food Storage Plan

by Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival
Published with Permission*

canned bacon at store

No matter how many times I write about food, there is always something new to consider or a new and different way to present the same old information in a more useful manner.  With that in mind, today I would like to share a method for getting started with your food storage program in an easy, step-by-step, and cost-effective manner.

To be truthful, my initial goal with this article was to respond to readers who were just getting started and wanted a shopping list of things to buy for their food storage pantry.  I also wanted to compile a checklist that more experienced preppers could use to compare what they had to what they needed.  My goal can pretty much be summed up by saying that I wanted to write about getting started with food storage the easy way.  No frills, no fluff – just a common sense list of food items to get you started. Continue reading

Are You Ready? September is National Preparedness Month!

A potential lifesaver in emergencies, and a helpful light on countless other occasions. This bright LED flashlight never needs batteries, so it's always ready to use. A best-seller at Lehmans.com.

A potential lifesaver in emergencies, and a helpful light on countless other occasions. This bright LED flashlight never needs batteries, so it’s always ready to use. A best-seller at Lehmans.com.

Are you ready? We’re in the thick of seasonal change, with summer sliding into fall. Hurricane season still has a month to go. Although many weather sites say tornado season ‘ends’ in July, folks in the Plains states may beg to differ. And in the upper northwest and the mountains, there could already be some snow.

Throughout the month, we will feature preparedness articles so that you and your family can stay safe. We’ll take a look at Lehman’s best preparedness products too–the ones my fellow employees and I have in our own homes.

And don’t forget: the National Weather Service, the American Red Cross, and Ready.gov are all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The advice on these sites is time-tested and reliable. Let’s all do something to be better prepared for emergencies this month! Stay tuned.



When The Lights Go Out


Usually we have some notice. The storm is forecast and we can expect that snow or wind will take down power lines and leave us sitting in the dark. Continue reading

8 Reasons Old Cookbooks Are Important

old teakettles

by Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival
Reposted with Permission

A couple of months ago I was going through some old boxes tucked into the hidden recesses of my garage and I stumbled upon a box of old cookbooks.  Since I learned to cook long before the age of computers, most of my self-taught efforts came by way of these cookbooks. I started to collect cookbooks in high school and little did I know then what I know now: old cookbooks are important. Continue reading

Survival Basics: Prepping for an Unexpected Power Outage

by Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival
Reposted with Permission*

frozen power lines

You don’t have to be a prepper to realize that power outages can happen anytime, to anybody, and anywhere. Some outages are planned, some are the result of Mother Nature kicking up a storm, and some are the unexpected result of a natural or man-made crisis. More recently, the threat of a cyber-attack or terrorist invoked EMP has been added to the mix, and most assuredly, if that were to happen, we will be without power for an extended time.

The bottom line is this: the delicacy of our grid is such that nearly any disruption can cause a sudden and unexpected power outage. Continue reading

Remember Y2K? Here’s What We Learned – And What You Can Learn.


Without a doubt, the Y2K scare helped put Lehman’s on the map. Thousands of people seeking non-electric ways to survive — wood stoves, water pumps, grain mills and oil lamps —  sought out our (then) small company starting in 1998. To say our company experienced a massive spike in business is an understatement. Lehman’s was absolutely inundated with catalog orders, phone calls and customers in our store, all wanting to prepare for the worst.

Our President, Galen Lehman, reflected on those days recently.

“The earliest people thought it was going to be a much bigger disaster, and they were purchasing more extreme items, like grain and grain mills, and water pumps – ways to protect their food and water supply,” he said. “They were preparing for a long-term outage.”

By buying water pumps and grain mills, folks were preparing for months or years without electricity.  Grain, for example, can be stored in a dry place for years, retaining its value as safe, nutritious food.  When preparing for hard times, it’s important to think about exactly what you are preparing for. 

Continue reading

Seasonal Storms Readiness Primer

From our preparedness/homesteading blogger Kathy Harrison! In stock now.

From our preparedness/homesteading blogger Kathy Harrison! In stock now.

Like most young boys, I often dreamed of living without modern creature comforts. In my ideal world I would use candles for my light, cook over an open flame, and eat canned goods and jerky.

Eventually I got my wish- about five years ago during an exceptionally bad winter when the power lines came down. For five days my family endured frigid temperatures with no phone service or electricity. The grocery and hardware stores in the nearby towns were in the same shape, leaving everyone to find their own way to survive. Continue reading