How To Light Your Home Without Electricity

genie III lampEditor’s Note: This is article was originally published in December 2016.

For some, the thought of upcoming wintertime power outages comes with a sense of dread or even panic. But there has always been something nostalgic to me about the peace that comes when the noisy hum of household appliances falls quiet. The glowing ambiance of candles or oil lamps gently lighting a room takes me back to bygone days when life had a bit more quality and substance. Continue reading

Top 11 Reasons to PREPARE

Family with flashlight readingWelcome to National Preparedness Month! Prepare for what, you ask? Well, the list is long and can include both natural and man-made crises: hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms and disruptions to the power grid among them. These kinds of events can strike at any time, at any place on the planet. Continue reading

The Road Less Traveled

In 1916, the poet Robert Frost wrote a famous poem entitled “The Road Not Taken” in which a walker faces a forked path in the woods. One path is well-trod, the other path is overgrown. Which path should he take? The final stanza of the poem reads:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Nearly 30 years ago, my husband and I stood at that metaphorical fork in our lives, and we took the road less traveled. It has made all the difference. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Prepared Lifestyle


i'm readyIn 2015, when a massive windstorm hit our region during a bitterly cold November, we expected to lose power. What we didn’t expect was the extreme damage the storm caused to our regional power grid. It was the worst disaster in the power company’s 100+ year history, and over a million people lost electricity for anywhere from three days to two weeks. Until it’s gone, it’s hard to fathom how much juice from a socket makes modern conveniences possible, from gasoline to cell phone communication to grocery store inventory to mail delivery.

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9 Great Gifts for the Homesteader or Prepper … Now on SALE!

Great emergency or everyday lamp to stock up on!

A whole bunch of practical things any homesteader or prepper would love just went on sale on our site! And, as if that weren’t enough, until midnight tonight you can still get free shipping on any order of $40 or more. Grab these deals now and delight all the preppers and homesteaders on your list this Christmas. Continue reading

Buying In Bulk: It’s Not Just For Food


It’s that time of the year. The harvest is in and my canners are running full tilt as we put the fruits of our labors up to see us through a long, cold winter.

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20 Items to Kickstart Your Food Storage Plan

by Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival
Published with Permission*

canned bacon at store

No matter how many times I write about food, there is always something new to consider or a new and different way to present the same old information in a more useful manner.  With that in mind, today I would like to share a method for getting started with your food storage program in an easy, step-by-step, and cost-effective manner.

To be truthful, my initial goal with this article was to respond to readers who were just getting started and wanted a shopping list of things to buy for their food storage pantry.  I also wanted to compile a checklist that more experienced preppers could use to compare what they had to what they needed.  My goal can pretty much be summed up by saying that I wanted to write about getting started with food storage the easy way.  No frills, no fluff – just a common sense list of food items to get you started. Continue reading

When The Lights Go Out


Usually we have some notice. The storm is forecast and we can expect that snow or wind will take down power lines and leave us sitting in the dark. Continue reading

Remember Y2K? Here’s What We Learned – And What You Can Learn.


Without a doubt, the Y2K scare helped put Lehman’s on the map. Thousands of people seeking non-electric ways to survive — wood stoves, water pumps, grain mills and oil lamps —  sought out our (then) small company starting in 1998. To say our company experienced a massive spike in business is an understatement. Lehman’s was absolutely inundated with catalog orders, phone calls and customers in our store, all wanting to prepare for the worst.

Our President, Galen Lehman, reflected on those days recently.

“The earliest people thought it was going to be a much bigger disaster, and they were purchasing more extreme items, like grain and grain mills, and water pumps – ways to protect their food and water supply,” he said. “They were preparing for a long-term outage.”

By buying water pumps and grain mills, folks were preparing for months or years without electricity.  Grain, for example, can be stored in a dry place for years, retaining its value as safe, nutritious food.  When preparing for hard times, it’s important to think about exactly what you are preparing for. 

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Family Preparedness 101

A full pantry means ready-to-go food in an emergency. Start canning with our black enamelware water bath canner. At and our store in Kidron, Ohio.

A full pantry means ready-to-go food in an emergency. Start canning with our black enamelware water bath canner. At and our store in Kidron, Ohio.

For a country family, preparedness is baked into the cake of living. Most of us already have a woodstove, a full pantry and perhaps even a well or creek in the back yard. Our power goes out on a pretty regular basis and those of us living way out are used to being the last ones brought back on line. For people in the city or even in the suburbs however, preparedness is something that takes more thought, especially as adverse weather events are no longer the exception but rather the norm. Continue reading