Canning Recipe: Raspberry Lemonade Concentrate


Red Raspberries

The garden is giving hints of an abundant summer. The orchard trees are so heavy with fruit that we are spending a few hours today clipping off 1/3 to help the remaining peaches, plums and pears produce better. The berry bushes are also loaded with small green orbs that promise good things to come. It is time to start over in the pantry.

The first order of business is to finish eating last year’s harvest. I still have jars of tomatoes to use up and a lot more jam and jelly than I can possibly use. Most will go to my children, friends and neighbors as gifts. Some we will eat over yogurt and ice cream and the remainder will be consumed on toast and biscuits. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Continue reading

Fall Foraging Yields Tasty, Juicy Results

Our Harvest Apron makes it easy to pick fall fruit! In stock now at or Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio.

Our Harvest Apron makes it easy to pick fall fruit! In stock now at or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

Fall in New England has a multitude of treasures available nowhere else. The air is clear and the sky a cerulean blue. The first hints of orange, red and yellow show on the maple leaves and a faint smell of apple and wood smoke remind of the season to come. It’s the season of foraging. The woods are full of mushrooms. Hunting for Chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, fall Oysters and Black Trumpets is more fun than panning for gold and you’re far more likely to be successful. The nuts are dropping but beating the squirrels to them is no easy feat.

My favorite foraging trips involve grapes. Fox grapes are easy to spot. The deep purple globes stand out amidst the large green leaves. They tend to grow in accessible spots too. Along stone walls is a likely location. The stored up heat helps the grapes ripen, I suppose. Continue reading