Remember Y2K? Here’s What We Learned – And What You Can Learn.


Without a doubt, the Y2K scare helped put Lehman’s on the map. Thousands of people seeking non-electric ways to survive — wood stoves, water pumps, grain mills and oil lamps —  sought out our (then) small company starting in 1998. To say our company experienced a massive spike in business is an understatement. Lehman’s was absolutely inundated with catalog orders, phone calls and customers in our store, all wanting to prepare for the worst.

Our President, Galen Lehman, reflected on those days recently.

“The earliest people thought it was going to be a much bigger disaster, and they were purchasing more extreme items, like grain and grain mills, and water pumps – ways to protect their food and water supply,” he said. “They were preparing for a long-term outage.”

By buying water pumps and grain mills, folks were preparing for months or years without electricity.  Grain, for example, can be stored in a dry place for years, retaining its value as safe, nutritious food.  When preparing for hard times, it’s important to think about exactly what you are preparing for. 

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