Technology by the Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp and Computer with iPodIt is often a running joke in my world, programming by the light of the Amish Double wick. As a hopeless techie and programmer, I am forever attached to technology. This does not mean that I cannot enjoy some aspects of life without electricity.

The Amish Double Wick lamp is one of the first purchases that I made from Lehman’s. I find candles very comforting and relaxing but sometimes lacking a bit in light output. Incandescent lamps are far too bright, besides they do not have the soft glow or dancing flame that is so soothing. Forget fluorescent lamps, they say the cycle of the lamps is imperceptible to humans, I dislike it none the less. At Lehman’s I am fortunate enough to have a desk lamp with an incandescent bulb, that is on the entire time I am at work. It serves to offset the fluorescent lamps of the office. I do not think Galen would want me to run an oil lamp at the office, I should ask him though. What do you think Galen?

My version of the Amish Double wick is one of the last examples with the old style font. It holds a lot of oil, which gives me a lot of time between fill ups. The oil I use (Lamplight Ultra-Pure) does not smell, give off any fumes, cause me any headaches, and burns clean. I try to keep the wick trimmed properly but this is an art I have not mastered yet. Filling the font is done in the garage, the large gallon size bottle is sometimes difficult to control and the font suddenly fills faster toward the top, spills are frequent. Lighting the lamp is no problem, bring the wicks up a bit light both and replace the chimney. Adjusting the wick is easy with the knobs which work well. So far I have not needed to replace the wicks but I do not anticipate any problems.

As I said earlier the lamp gives off the right amount of light to work on the computer. Enough light to illuminate the keyboard keys and surrounding area and ease the strain of the screen, but not so much that it is overpowering. As I am typing this post I can see the lamp sitting on the table with its soft relaxing glow in the corner of my eye, the flame dancing from time-to-time to remind me it is there. A joke, maybe, but I will endure the joke for the relaxing atmosphere that it provides while blogging.

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kawotr (@kawotr)
14 years ago

I also enjoy the warmth and glow of the oil lamp. The Amish Double Wick has been a source of light when the power goes out. It is also soothing and relaxing to help unwind after a busy day at work.

cpthegreat (@cpthegreat)
14 years ago

Thanks for YOUR comments! I think an oil lamp would be better than the fluorescent light I have at my computer, but I am sure that my husband would shoot me if I tried!

I love candle lite best – but you are right, oil lamps give off better light!

Galen Lehman
Galen Lehman (@galen)
14 years ago

You can burn the oil lamp at work if you do not spill lamp oil on your keyboard or set the office on fire. :-)

And here’s a hint for you: You will find your wick trimming problems solved if you switch to our Kleen Heat lamp oil. Ultra-Pure has a little less oil than Kleen Heat. But, Ultra-Pure has lower viscosity and, as a result, does not wick as well. The Amish Double Wick lamp has large wicks that require good fuel flow. The reason your wicks need trimming is because when the fuel doesn’t flow fast enough, the wick itself starts to burn and char. If a lamp has good fuel flow, you hardly ever need to trim the wick.

If you don’t want to switch fuels, try keeping the font extra full. If the fuel is close to the burner, it may solve your problem.

When switching fuels, you often have to switch wicks, too. This is because the old wick will be saturated with the old fuel. Sometimes, you can avoid this by letting the wick dry out completely before starting with the new fuel.

Mariah (@mariah)
13 years ago

Have you ever read about the negative health effects of flourescent lights? Bad news all around. Then of course with any artificial light used after dark there are the effects on our bodies caused by this signal of ‘endless summer’. Increased cortisol production, lack of melatonin creation, all kinds of things. Give me the warm red wavelength of a flame anynight! There must be a good reason it’s so comforting.

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