10 Things Jay Lehman Says

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in April 2016 for Jay Lehman’s 87th birthday. In honor of Father’s Day (this Sunday!), we’re sharing it with you again. We wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day!

“Dad is a man of few words,” said Galen Lehman, son of Jay Lehman and CEO of Lehman’s.

“He gave me lots of good advice over the years, but the thing I always remember most is the example he gave.  He lived his advice, he didn’t just say it.  I’ll always be grateful for that!”

Jay Lehman started Lehman’s back in 1955, as a 1,000 sq ft hardware store in tiny Kidron, Ohio. His first employees were his father, brother and sister. My, how things have changed. But some things never change…like the endearing sayings Jay likes to use.

The following examples are courtesy of Jay’s daughter, Glenda Lehman Ervin, VP of Marketing.

10 Things Jay Says