Thanks For The Love, Alliance for American Manufacturing

Lehman's Best Ice Cream Freezers are available at or Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio.
Lehman’s Best Ice Cream Freezers are available at or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

Lehman’s Best Ice Cream Freezers were named to the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s “Our Favorite Made In USA Products 2013” list! Thank you so much, AAM!

Made near Lehman’s retail store in Kidron, Ohio, each freezer features

  • Zinc alloy gears
  • Extra heavy seamless stainless steel can
  • Rustproof manganese bronze housing (with grease fitting)
  • Leak-proof white oak tub secured by stainless steel adjustable bands that can be tightened when they loosen
  • Stainless steel mixer, shaft, handle and fittings
  • Tall tub design ensures quick and efficient freezing
  • 5-year warranty on all stainless steel parts

It’s available in 4 quart, 6 quart, and 8 quart sizes. Sure, summer may seem far away today, January 17, but think of it this way: there are only about 161 days ’til July 4! Be ready with homemade ice cream. (After all, you want plenty of time to practice, right?)

See AAM’s whole list of “Made in USA” products here: To find American-made products on Lehman’s website, search ‘USA made’–but be ready for LOTS of results!

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