5 Easy and Adorable Easter Crafts

egg personWhen I think of Easter, I think of pastel colors, the gathering of extended family that I love but don’t get to see very often, good food, sweet treats, and of course, the resurrection of Jesus Christ,.

Classic Easter activities include going to church in the morning and then gathering with loved ones for a delicious meal and hunting for Easter eggs, but if you want this Easter to be a little different, there are lots of non-traditional things to do.

Egg People
One activity we always enjoy is to make “egg people.” Take raw eggs and carefully chop the tops off (use the eggs to make breakfast). Rinse the empty egg shells and set aside to dry. Put potting soil and a scattering of seeds (rye seeds work well because they grow so quickly) into each egg. Draw a face on the egg, or use googly eyes. Once the grass grows, your egg person will have a full head of green hair. You can style it or cut it! These always turn out so cute and are super fun to make. Continue reading