Picture of Hannah Breckbill

Hannah Breckbill

Hannah lives among the hills and streams of Northeast Iowa. She grows vegetables for a living, and is working on building a perennial-based community farm. Hannah plays music, sings in community, and gives gratitude to the world with the Quakers, the UCC church, and her friends. She’ll be living in a yurt these next few seasons, so Lehman’s non-electric tools will be of use to her daily life!

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Picture of Galen Lehman

Galen Lehman

Lehman's CEO and son of founder Jay Lehman. Homesteads on five acres. Believes in a Simpler Life...rewarding relationships, fresh, local (preferably homegown) food and the gratification of hard work. Plant a tree!

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Picture of Glenda Lehman Ervin

Glenda Lehman Ervin

Glenda Lehman Ervin is the daughter of company founder Jay Lehman and Director of Marketing. “I love talking to people who are on their journey to a simpler life. Step by step, we are all on the path to a meaningful, satisfying life. We are thrilled that Lehman’s can be a part of that journey.” Glenda lives in a woods with her husband and two children, just a few miles north of Lehman’s, in Kidron, OH. They have two cats named, surprisingly uncreatively, Baby Cat and Girl Cat.

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Picture of Allison Ervin

Allison Ervin

Allison Ervin, granddaughter of company founder Jay Lehman, is passionate about the powerless – children, animals and anyone in need. A freshman at Kent State majoring in international business with a minor in non-profit management, she has served in Indonesia and Central America, teaching English in daycare centers and orphanages. A committed vegetarian, when not studying or cat-cuddling, Allison enjoys painting, listening to the latest music, and thrifting (shopping at thrift and vintage stores).

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Picture of Dori Fritzinger

Dori Fritzinger

I live and work with my multi-generational family in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. We have a farm of cows and calves, wool sheep, dairy goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens, honey bees, a horse and a donkey. We have a goat's milk soap and bath products line available on our farm web site. I enjoy reading, quilting and doing embroidery.

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Picture of Pat Veretto

Pat Veretto

Pat is a frugal living expert with many published articles. She lives in Colorado and maintains her own Frugal Living Blog (which we love!).

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Picture of Sherry Elleson

Sherry Elleson

Sherry Ellesson is a freelance writer and part-time homebuilder who lives and works in central Delaware. Originally from New England, she credits having been raised by hearty, self-sufficient people for her willingness to stay the course on the journey back to homesteading.

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Picture of Sarah N

Sarah N

Sarah Nussbaum is an Ohio-based writer, wife, mom of four children, and aspiring homesteader. She enjoys singing, baking, gardening, home preserving and projects around her family’s 180-year-old farmhouse.

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Picture of Dave Ross

Dave Ross

Dave enjoys walking the country roads near Kidron, Ohio. Reveling in the bucolic scenery, and observing the timeless farming methods of the Amish, brings inspiration for writing thoughts, memories, and stories. Four people call him Dad, eight people call him Grandpa, and one wife calls him when it’s time for supper.

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Picture of Mark Spigos

Mark Spigos

Mark is a writer, photographer, and aspiring farmer. He and wife Samantha are currently working on a dairy goat farm in rural Vermont, seeking to learn the necessary skills for a more self-sufficient & sustainable lifestyle. He is also a passionate beekeeper, bread baker, home brewer, and husband.

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Picture of Samantha Spigos

Samantha Spigos

Samantha Spigos is a mother and an aspiring children’s book author from Ohio who loves to knit, cook, and travel. She’s also a contributor to Taproot Magazine and has raised more than 100 dairy goats. Now she is actively seeking land on which to raise animals and babies with her husband.

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Picture of Sharon Peterson

Sharon Peterson

I'm a simple woman in love with her hardworking husband. I love living in beautiful western Colorado. I'm a home educating mom of 4 sons. I'm a home canner, gardener, and an organization queen wanna be. I have developed and maintain http://www.SimplyCanning.com. I love my Lord, I love my family and I can truly say I love my life!

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Picture of Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis is a wife, mother, homesteader, (former) homeschooler, author, blogger, columnist, and speaker. An advocate of simple living and self-sufficiency, she has practiced and written about self-reliance and preparedness for over 30 years. She and her husband have been married since 1990 and have two adult daughters. See her blog at www.rural-revolution.com

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