Food Preservation

Family canning food in canner

Fighting Food Inflation at Home

While the effects of food inflation hit everyone, one of the best things you can do to combat it is to take control of your food supply. Here’s how.

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Woman making homemade soap

Making It Yourself: Why Bother?

I like to keep my life as local as possible. I like to deal with local farmers and artisans and I know they would rather support me than a multinational. I like to know what I’m consuming and putting on my body.

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Making grape juice with Mehu Maija Steam Juicer

From My Desk: Grape Season

In northeastern Ohio, the changing of the leaves also means the ripening of concord grapes. Every year my wife makes grape juice for my family to enjoy.

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Freeze-dried fruit from Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

Freeze Drying 101: The Basics

Welcome to freeze drying! The process is quite simple when you know where to start. Learn the basics of this unique method of food preservation.

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