The Desire to Slow Down: A Homesteading Journey

I’ve been reflecting on Josh and me, and our homesteading journey. And I’ve been thinking about you, too!

Over the years, we’ve seen this tiny digital space we carved out grow and grow. We are watching a brand new generation reclaim skills our modern world deemed unnecessary.

With all that is happening in our world, it’s not surprising that more people are interested in self-sufficiency. But I think it’s more than that…

Uncertainty, rising costs, the continued commercialization of our food supply certainly plays a role in more people joining the homestead movement, but I also think there is a deep longing for a different way of living and BEING.Homesteading Family Farm

As humans, we have a tendency to come in and bulldoze (literally and figuratively). We want to dominate the land, and squeeze every last bit of production out of it to yield the most return. But maximum production at any cost leaves a wasteland in its wake – in the landscape and in our souls. 

Maybe you feel that?  Maybe you feel a desire to slow down, to be present, to become more deeply connected to the people you love and the physical world around you…

Nature has a created order, and as humans, we were made for the garden. We were made for harmony with nature. When we enter into homesteading as a quiet observer, seeking to understand that natural created order, we’ll find that abundance is not something we have to fight for, abundance is inevitable. 

We call that permaculture, which is simply to work with nature rather than against nature. We can actually improve the land, improve the health of the soil, improve the health of your plants, your pasture, even your forest.Harvesting produce from farm homestead

And over time, we can do that with less effort because we can actually put nature to work for us. When we work with the created order, it begins to thrive AND we begin to thrive.

To hear more from Josh and Carolyn, visit Homesteading Family.

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David Charboneau
David Charboneau
15 days ago

We have enjoyed watching your videos for some time now, your canning videos are excelllent resources for the beginner ( me ) to a seasoned pro.

Pat Williamson
Pat Williamson
15 days ago

This homesteading family has very practical down to earth insight on skills needed for a productive agricultural lifestyle. Plus everything that entails from natural way of life, homeschooling, cooking, preserving food, home remedies, community, animal care, spiritual, skills that have been lost and so much more.

Lee & Angel Rusk
Lee & Angel Rusk
15 days ago

My family enjoys Homesteading Family! Happy to see Lehmans highlighting them, as we also enjoy Lehmans!

Reply to  Lee & Angel Rusk
7 days ago

Thank you for sharing Lee and Angel!

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