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The Benefits of Elderberry

Discover the perks of elderberry! Expert John Moody shares his knowledge of the history of elder and why this plant can offer us so much good.

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Why Heat with Wood

Why heat with wood? Axe enthusiast Patrick Gilliam shares his reasons for heating his home solely with wood and the satisfaction it brings.

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How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Learn how to make apple cider vinegar with your leftover peelings and scraps. Destiny shares her tips and homemade recipe for making this beneficial staple.

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Some Basil A Day Keeps Skeeters Away

Last summer, in my search for an all natural insect repellent recipe, which would have to be safe enough to spread on my baby’s delicate skin, I discovered the simplest, most effective remedy I’ve found yet…FRESH BASIL!

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