Our Picks: Top 10 USA Made Items

At Lehman’s, our mission is to help you take the next step on your journey to a simpler life.  A simpler life is both sustainable and understandable and we believe buying locally when possible is key to our mission.

We have hundreds of vendors within a few miles of our store, many of whom are Amish.  We also have lots of non-Amish vendors right here in Ohio, as well as across the United States.  We have curated a list of some of our favorite USA Made products – enjoy!

1. Premium Wooden Clothes Drying RackAmish-made clothes drying rack

Save money on your electric bill with a beautifully crafted wooden drying rack from Lehman’s. You’ll also get maximum drying space with our hardwood-framed clothes drying rack! Use it indoors or outdoors to dry your clothes without needing electricity. This drying rack is Amish made, once at a time.

2. Old Country Dough Whisk

Old Country Dough WhisksThis time-tested kitchen tool is a must for bakers! Unlike traditional whisks that are made with several wires, this dough whisk is designed with just two spiral wires.

whisking ingredients with Old Country Dough WhiskThis allows for ingredients to pass through easily for better, quicker mixing and less clumping. And ours is crafted locally right here in Ohio.

3. Eli and Mattie Toys

Eli and Mattie Bunk BedEach piece in our collection of hand-crafted toys and doll furniture is made by a local Amish craftsman.  It’s more than a toy, it’s window into a way of life.  Crafted out of wood, these toys are so well made they can be passed down from child to child for generations of fun.  

4. Jams and Peanut Butter

Lehman's jams and jelliesRich and sweet, smooth or spicy, we have the best tastes to top off your toast, bagels and sandwiches. Find the creamiest nut butters, including our exclusive peanut butter spread (a favorite in Amish Country). Then choose from our unique flavorful jams and jellies, many locally made near our store – fresh and oh-so-delicious!  

5. Lehman’s Precision Garden Hoe

Lehman's Precision Garden Hoe
Get more done with three functions in one garden hoe! It’s made locally by an Amish craftsman who didn’t like the hoes he was using – so he designed his own!   Our Precision Garden Hoe features a large head that works like a Dutch hoe, push-pull hoe and a traditional hoe all in one.

6. Olive Oil Lamp

Merry Corliss Cabin Olive Oil LampThis is the ONLY wide flat-wick olive oil lamp available. Created with needs of Lehman’s customers in mind, this lamp doesn’t use any paraffin or petroleum-based fuels–burns for hours with ordinary olive oil!   Simple to use, long-lasting burn time and ecologically sensible. Ideal for emergency kits too. Made in the USA just for Lehman’s.

7. Ohio Stoneware Shoulder Bowls

USA Made Shoulder BowlsSimilar bowls are often seen in antique stores, because that’s how long they last. We found an Ohio company still making these durable kitchen bowls. They’re the ideal size and weight for mixing, baking and serving almost anything. Interesting note, the “shoulder” on these bowls is the wide lip at the top.

8. Lehman’s Own Wood Splitting Froefroe

Now made of case-hardened steel, our wood splitting froe is better than ever. The blade is stronger, giving you more use and great results for kindling, shingles, furniture, baskets and more. Use this froe with split lumber.

9. Lehman’s Lumberman’s AxeLehman's Lumberman's Axe

Our Lumberman’s Axe is completely made in the USA, from the sharp carbon steel axe head to the Amish-made hickory handle. It’s based on a time-tested design that is nearly 200 years old!

10. Case Knives

Case KnivesFounded in 1889 by the Case brothers, Case Knives have been a favorite with collectors for generations.  Because they’re carefully crafted with the finest materials and twice tested for durability, Case knives are not only passed down for generations, but they have found their way into the hands of famous admirers and avid collectors, including some famous prize-winning bull riders, country music greats, and even former U.S. presidents.

Today, Case is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world-famous Zippo® windproof lighter, another family-owned business based in Bradford, PA.

In addition to these featured products, we have hundreds of other USA made products, both at Lehmans.com and in our store in Kidron, OH.

First posted July 2023; updated July 2024.

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1 year ago

Absolutely the best shopping on the Web! And it brightens our day to get the sales and updates!! Planning a trip to your location soon!!!

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