How Animals Can Bring You Comfort and Support During Difficult Times

Living a More Satisfying LifeAs a nineteen-year-old woman, there are two things so far that have been very prevalent in my life: my love of animals, and my day-to-day struggles with anxiety and depression. Since I can remember, things that seem easy for other people have been difficult for me. Middle school, high school, employment, and getting into college all were things that I found emotionally taxing and very nerve-wracking.

These are life steps that are not easy for anyone to get through, but I saw through talking to the people around me that they were especially hard for me. I became a stronger, wiser person through those hard times, and I would not take them back because of what I learned from them. I now feel ready to tackle challenges, such as beginning my freshman year of college at Kent State University and moving away from my parents for the first time. Although I would not take back those difficult times, I do acknowledge something that would have made them much easier, calmer, and even happier. Something that I plan on acquiring for myself soon, to help me through my first year at school and living on my own. I want to get a registered emotional support animal.

Ever since I can remember, animals of all shapes and sizes have been a huge source of happiness and comfort for me. On a bad day, I have always rushed home to see my furry friends. I have had cats my whole life; right now I have two cats, a guinea pig, and a rabbit. And when I am feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life, to this day I still make the drive home to my parent’s house from my apartment to be with them and have their unconditional love make me feel better about the tasks at hand.

I visit local animal shelters or even just drive by fields of farm animals to see them. Animals are my biggest grounding tool. I know that if I had a pet of any kind at all that was trained to give me specialized emotional support whenever and wherever I need it, I would feel much more confident and eager to begin and get through each day. I can imagine the constant security, calmness, and reassurance that animal would bring me.

Coming home to an empty apartment can be hard; coming home to a pet that loves you for who you are is the best. These animals are trained to know you well and pay constant attention to you. They remain aware of their owner’s emotional state and know what they must do to ease and comfort you.

Everyone has daily struggles and stressors, so why don’t we see everyone walking around in public with a registered emotional support animal? That’s because these animals aren’t just regular pets for anyone to own. They are specially trained, hard-working animals that are doing their jobs every day to help people with diagnosed emotional issues. It takes a determined specialist to get these animals to be as well-trained and in-tune to their owners as they are. It also takes paperwork from a licensed mental health professional regarding a certified emotional problem to own a registered support animal.

If you are someone that has a love for animals and finds comfort from their presence, consider getting a pet. If you are someone like that and you also struggle with problems such as anxiety, depression, or other emotional issues, consider talking to your psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist about getting a registered emotional support animal. It is a very good option for living a more satisfying and comforting life.

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