Youthview: What Does That Memory Taste Like?

Alli Ervin, Youthview blogger.
Alli Ervin, Youthview blogger.

This first Youthview blog is by Alli Ervin, granddaughter of Lehman’s founder, Jay Lehman, and daughter of Glenda Lehman Ervin, vice-president of marketing. At 15, Alli’s in a perfect position to share thoughts and opinions of younger folks.                                                                         –Editor, Country Life

What do you think of when you’re eating ripe, juicy watermelon or drinking a tall glass of cold, sugary lemonade?  Probably a hot summer day, sitting by the pool, basking in the sun…

What image comes to mind when there’s a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of fresh-baked cookies in front of you?  Perhaps a cold winter night, and you are cuddling by the fireplace with your family, watching traditional Christmas movie together.

Popcorn is a great family treat. Find no-GMO options at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio or at Lehman'
Popcorn is a great family treat. Find non-GMO options at Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio or at Lehman’

Taste and smell, just like sight, can trigger a memory and a feeling.  Different foods affect how you feel and can make you think of a certain time, place or person.

For instance, the taste of cheeseburgers take me back to summer cookouts with my family.  The smell of hot, buttery popcorn reminds me of watching movies late at night with my friends.

Mashed potatoes might remind you of Grandma, or you might recall your childhood home when you see a food that you enjoyed there.  I think of the daycare provider I had in kindergarten when I taste tart green apples because she never failed to have plenty of them at her home for me to snack on.

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Food can have a powerful effect on how you feel because you associate the food with the atmosphere that is there when you’re eating it.

Turkey can make you think of Thanksgiving, popsicles make you think of the beach – food can transport you to a memory.

So the next time you’re munching on your favorite food, think about why you enjoy it so much.  Is it because it taste good, or because of the memories that go with it?  Maybe it’s both.

My favorite memory food is raspberries – their sweet taste reminds me of relaxing sunny summer days.  We have raspberry bushes outside our house and my Dad and I would walk through the yard, chatting as we popped the fresh berries into our mouths.

Please share your favorite food memories in a comment or post.

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1 year ago

Apple butter remains me of my aunt Ada, I would always have her homemade apple butter on toast,it didn’t taste too good but no one would ever tell her we just ate it, not because we like it, but because we loved aunt Ada that much I still miss my aunt Ada, I can’t wait to see her in heaven someday ?????

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