Podcast Episode: Beekeeping with Sarah Coblentz

Spring is finally here, and you might be thinking of raising bees for pure, raw honey – which is not only delicious but has a variety of health benefits.

Our latest podcast episode of Solutions for a Simpler Life dives into the world of beekeeping with local beekeeper, Sarah Coblentz.  Here are some tips for beginner beekeepers:

1. Start small: As with any new hobby, start small with two hives instead of 20.  Why two, instead of one?  If you have two hives, you can compare and contrast the bees’ behavior to ensure they are healthy and normal.

2. Don’t skimp on the apiary (beehive): Buy quality beekeeping products so that you feel confident in your hobby.

3. Find a bee mentor: There are Facebook groups, local gatherings and lots of ways to connect with other beekeepers.  Perhaps you can strike up a friendship with the honey retailer at your local Farmer’s Market.

4. Savor the harvest: Getting a small amount of fresh, pure honey can be time-consuming.  If you are cooking or baking and the recipe calls for a cup of honey, don’t be afraid to use honey purchased from a local beekeeper, or even from Lehman’s, where we carry pure honey.

Get more tips from our Solutions for a Simpler Life podcast! Listen to the full episode of “Keeping Bees with Sarah Coblentz” (audio below).

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Linda Stapleton
Linda Stapleton
2 months ago

That is amazing info. ? thanks to all. My husband and I live in Florida right now. But plan to move north soon. Then we will stop by to see u all. God bless all

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