Food Preservation

Free Tea Time

Foraging for wild teas (like nettles) and growing some of your own herbs gives you a healthy, organic and nearly free tea source! Herbal teas are delicious hot or iced, with a little honey to sweeten if you like.

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How to Save Seeds on a Small Scale

As you plant your garden, think forward to what seeds you might want to save, and make sure your garden is structured to make it easy. Here are some great tips from farmer Hannah Breckbill.

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How To Make Homemade Apple Butter

Go big with an old-time copper kettle and outdoor fire, or make a smaller batch in your kitchen. Either way, you’ll discover why blogger Dave Ross calls bread slathered with apple butter “kingly food!”

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How To Can Venison (and other wild game)

Do you know just how easy canning venison can be? Cut it up, put it in a jar and pressure can it? Surely there is more to it than that! Well, there is a little bit more…. but not much.

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Enter to Win Your Christmas – On Us!

As our gift to you, let’s make this NO WORRIES NOVEMBER. Let us take the stress out of holiday shopping. Win Christmas on us – enter today to win one of three shopping sprees!

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How To Can Homemade Soup

Home-Canned Soup: the convenience of heat-and-serve, and the healthy benefits of home-cooked meals. Follow these simple tips for safe canning.

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Journey of An Orchard

Today is a great day for making a plan. Buy that tool, order that canner or clear that lot of weeds and rocks.

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