Food Preservation

Enter to Win Your Christmas – On Us!

As our gift to you, let’s make this NO WORRIES NOVEMBER. Let us take the stress out of holiday shopping. Win Christmas on us – enter today to win one of three shopping sprees!

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How To Can Homemade Soup

Home-Canned Soup: the convenience of heat-and-serve, and the healthy benefits of home-cooked meals. Follow these simple tips for safe canning.

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Journey of An Orchard

Today is a great day for making a plan. Buy that tool, order that canner or clear that lot of weeds and rocks.

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Startled by Peaches (+ Peach Salsa Recipe)

This spring the trees were an absolutely breathtaking array of colorful, bee-infused blossoms that soon transformed into our first ever fruit harvest. The peaches ripened first. They came slowly for the first week until suddenly…

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