Food Preservation

The Best Way to Can Green Beans

in my area green beans are just sprouting there are some of you who may be beginning to think about canning them. I thought I’d talk about one of the most common question I receive: How do you waterbath can green beans? (Answer: You don’t.)

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Honeysuckle Jelly

Take a little time to pick a basket of those delicate white and yellow flowers and step into the kitchen for some homemade honeysuckle jelly.

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Black Granny Ware Canner

Canning 101: The Basics

Preserve your extra produce for use in the fall and winter! Whether you freeze, can or dry your food depends upon the space and equipment you have available and what your personal preferences happen to be. This article will focus on the safety issues and canning basics.

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Meat Canning – Cheap, Easy and Convenient

It’s 5pm on a winter’s day, and you’re just now thinking of dinner. The kids are already hungry and your spouse will be home in half an hour. Do you take a frozen lump out of the freezer and thaw it in the microwave? Or perhaps just order Chinese takeout or pizza? Well…you could do those things. OR…

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