What “Amish-Made” Really Means

What’s so great about Amish-made?

Lehman’s, in Kidron, Ohio, is located in the heart of the largest Amish community in the world.

Many people think of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania when they think of large Amish communities, but Lancaster’s community of 30,000-35,000 is actually second in size to the approximately 40,000 Amish that live in southern Wayne and eastern Holmes County, Ohio. These Amish people are our neighbors, our friends, our customers and our vendors. Continue reading

Only in Kidron, Ohio…

Living and working in Amish Country can have some interesting twists and turns.  For example, I live about five miles away from Lehman’s warehouse and I often tell people, “If I see five cars on my way to work, I consider it a traffic jam.”

Here’s another interesting twist.  There is currently a blood shortage so the Red Cross is trying to motivate people to give blood.  These two signs were seen in front of two different local churches on the same day (June 29th).  A sign for announcing that you might win a car could be seen most anywhere in our country.  Winning a buggy for donating blood?  As we say around here, “Only in Kidron, Ohio.” 

Come visit our store and see Amish Country for yourself.  You won’t forget the experience.  Who knows, you might even have a chance to give blood and win a buggy.

Editor’s Note: Bruce Detweiler Breckbill is Lehman’s VP of Direct Sales.

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Who are Lehman’s customers anyway?

By Bruce Detweiler Breckbill, Lehman’s VP Direct Sales

One of the things all businesses need to identify is who exactly their customers are. So it is with Lehman’s. Knowing who our customers are is incredibly important because it determines which products we carry, how we present those products, and which avenues we take to get those products to the people who need or want them.

This has perhaps been more difficult for Lehman’s than it is for other retailers. First, we are in a very small niche market. Not everyone wants non-electric appliances, gadgets and hand tools. Not everyone wants to do things the old-fashioned way. Not everyone desires to have part of his or her lifestyle mimic the lifestyle of the late 1800s. For those who do want these things, Lehman’s can help, but finding those people or helping them find us is sometimes challenging. Keeping them all happy is equally challenging. Continue reading

I’ll Bet This Didn’t Happen to You This Morning!

My morning routine is rather boring, but that’s what routines are. They give comfort and a sense of “everything is ok” because they are predictable and routine. Get up and get the coffee started. If it’s cold outside, go downstairs and fire up the wood stove to get the house warm. Continue reading