Registering and Login

How to Register and Login

In order to write a post or comment, you must be a registered user. (This is totally free.) On any of the blog pages, click on the Register link under My Account on the right hand side. Then enter a username of your choosing and your email address. (Username is caps-sensitive.) As soon as you click the Register button, a password will be automatically emailed to you. You can then return to the blog and login to write postings and comments. (You can modify your password on the Profile page of the Dashboard after you login.)

The Dashboard

What’s a dashboard, you ask? The dashboard is essentially your control panel to the blog. Once you are logged in, you can use the dashboard to: write a post and change your profile information or password. Comments are written at the posting Click here for more information, you may also want to look at a posting outlining the difference between a comment and a post.

Note: After you submit a posting or comment, don’t worry if it doesn’t appear instantly on the site. Lehman’s Country Life is a moderated blog, which means we monitor what appears for inappropriate content in compliance with our terms of use and our posting guidlines . After the Lehman’s CountryLife  staff gives the ok to your post or comment, it will appear live. Please bear with us and be patient; like any company we have extremely busy times when delays may be unavoidable. Thanks for your understanding.

Each time you visit the blog, you can login to access the dashboard (and your ability to post/comment).

Lost Password

If you forget your password, you can click on Lost Password under My Account, enter your username and email address, the blog will automatically email a new password to you. (You can then change it if you wish.) You can also report the lost password on the login screen and a new one will be emailed to you.

Privacy Policy

Click here to view Lehman’s complete Privacy Policy.

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