Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

compostingHas anyone ever measured the garbage output of the average Amish family? There’s no need. They already create far less trash than the average American family.

Why? Because the Amish lifestyle is the ultimate in low-impact zero-waste living. Continue reading

Rethinking Livestock As Gardening Season Comes Closer

Wire Compost Bin

Wire Compost Bin

Just the word “livestock” can conjure up scary images of raging bulls, recalcitrant Billy goats and fragile lambs. You can’t help but think of the expenses of barns and fences, the necessity of acres of pastures and the tether of twice daily chores. But before you give up the notion of raising livestock, think outside the livestock box.

Our most productive livestock are probably our bees. In an area not quite as large as our children’s swing set we have enough hives to keep us in far more honey than we can consume. The extra honey sells for more than enough to pay all of our bee expenses each year.

Our second most productive livestock is our worms. Now that may seem downright silly. You can’t eat them. Worms don’t provide eggs or fleece or any of the other things one thinks of when considering livestock but they are still a valuable resource. And they produce material that will give any garden or flower bed a kick in the pants. Continue reading