6 Things You’ll Only Find Here

apple peeler eli

Here at Lehman’s, we’ve always had a serious penchant for the unique. The hard-to-find. The off-the-beaten-path. The antique-ish. Continue reading

DIY: How To Make Cold Process Soap, Step By Step

finished soap

Homemade soap. It’s something that’s always been on my radar, but nothing I ever thought I’d try myself. My grandmother and at least two great-grandmothers made their own soap (one of their handwritten recipes is now a family heirloom) using three simple ingredients: rainwater, lard and lye.

But me? I live in the 21st century. I have the means to go to the store and buy whatever kind of soap I want, even a case of it. Why would I want to make it at home? Continue reading

9 Great Gifts for the Homesteader or Prepper … Now on SALE!

Great emergency or everyday lamp to stock up on!

A whole bunch of practical things any homesteader or prepper would love just went on sale on our site! And, as if that weren’t enough, until midnight tonight you can still get free shipping on any order of $40 or more. Grab these deals now and delight all the preppers and homesteaders on your list this Christmas. Continue reading