Greetings From Nova Scotia

Here at Land’s End in Short Beach we are busily winding up the years work trying to stay ahead of winter! The past week there has been a definite change and drop in temperature. It has been in the 40s F or about 6° or 7°C at night . Days range in the 50s F or 10°-12°C. The wind blows hard and we have had some cold rain this week. The clouds look more like snow than rain clouds

Bill was waiting for a hard frost before harvesting turnips. Frost seems to take the bitterness out of them. We have had mild frost so far some nights. The cabbage is also still in the field. One step forward and two steps backward is the order of the day. Lay plans and the unexpected always comes along to change them. So we are a bit behind schedule getting things done.

Bill ran into problems repairing the broken mowing machine. In the end he had to take another broken mower and dismantle it and use two to make one. This was no easy task as both mowers are a hundred years old and most likely have never been apart before. Five aggravating days later he succeeded and the new mower is oiled , put away for winter ready to use next year. Bill is a few years closer to a hundred himself after this frustrating week. He hates working on any machinery horse drawn or other wise.

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Giant Potatoes Sighted in Kidron Ohio!

From our local paper last week:  Kidron resident Leonard Geiser displays some of his giant potatoes that surprised him when he recently dug them up.  Geiser said they weigh about two pounds each.  The one on the left is a sweet potato and the others are red potatoes.  Mr. Geiser grew these monsters on his farm along Hackett Road near Kidron.  The secret to large spuds, he said, is fertilizer, manure and just good soil.

(photo courtesy of Dalton Gazette & Kidron News on photo)

GIANT Potato MasherAnd when you have giant potatoes, you need a giant potato masher! Lehman’s giant masher will create a heaping bowl of mashed potatoes, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or the next family reunion. You can also use it for pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, beans and fruit.

Fiber Art Demo

Hand-dyed yarn

As the temperatures dropped this week and a definite chill set in many of us found ourselves reaching for a nice, cozy sweater.  Soon it will be time to  buddled up in scarves and mittens, thick socks and hats as the snow begins to fly.  When these items are made with natural fiber it becomes a real treat to bundle up rather than a chore.  Natural fiber is luxurious as well as practical.  It is timely then the Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild Demo this week features natural fiber from a local farm that raises alpacas and angora goats .  If you are a knitter or just enjoy learning new things you’ll want to stop by and meet Angela Seymour of Longhedges Fiber Farm.  She will be at the Kidron store demonstrating the steps needed to take to take the raw wool from her animals to a finished product.  Learn about the animal and unique qualitites of different fiber as you are shown how the process unfolds.

In our high tech world this down to earth activity of taking something from the farm to produce something with our hands has the ability to not only calm and soothe but to comfort as well.   Its no wonder fiber arts are so rewarding and popular!

The events calendar on the top of this page list similar educational and entertaining demonstrations now until the end of the year.

Time to make the food!

Carissa and the Crust

Carissa and the Crust

One of the first things that I noticed when I moved to this little corner of Northeast Ohio is that Sunday is NOT a good day to get things done that require going to a store. Obviously there are exceptions like the larger chain stores, for the most part, things are closed and the streets rolled up on Sunday. Believe me, this is a small price to pay for the return you get from living in Wayne County Ohio. So Sunday is as it should be in our household, family day, we still get things done, clean up the house (full time job), and cooking.

We have become quite familiar with the concept of a crock pot in a world dominated by a lack of hours in the day. You cannot lose, dump everything into this magic appliance in the morning and several hours later – out comes a dish that even the most picky eater (my son) cannot stick a nose up at. So the morning starts out with breakfast. Then the crock pots are put together and begin their journey, tempting our senses all day. Continue reading

I’ll Bet This Didn’t Happen to You This Morning!

My morning routine is rather boring but that’s what routines are. They give comfort and a sense of “everything is ok” because they are predictable and routine. Get up and get the coffee started. If it’s cold outside, go downstairs and fire up the wood stove to get the house warm. Then upstairs to pack lunches for my wife and three children, read the paper and the Bible. About that time, my wife (a teacher) and son (a student) leave for their school and I wake up my two daughters. Then I go for my morning run with our dog, get the girls ready for school and myself ready for work, wait for the school bus at the end of the driveway, then head to work at Lehman’s.

This morning, the routine was going as planned through the get up, make coffee, pack lunches, read, and say good-bye to wife and son stages. But then the routine fell apart. The dog started barking. This is rather unusual (fortunately our dog doesn’t bark at every moving thing) so I went to the window to see what was going on. He was barking towards the woods at the back of our house so I looked that direction and through the darkness saw one of our Amish neighbor boys walking up through the yard toward our house. When he saw me at the window, he came toward the door. Continue reading

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A Year of Thoughtful Living – Part IV – The Notebook

The Notebook

The Notebook

If you’ve been with me since the beginning of this series, you may remember that among my goals for my financial health was to see if I could get what had become a worrisome power bill under control. Along with releasing the financial boon of splitting expenses as my roommate of several years moved out, I was also hoping that releasing the bad habits that were part of the package would net me some measurable improvement once lights were not left blazing, the refrigerator door not held open while a potential meal was decided upon, and a second refrigerator moved out and to the new kitchen across town.

Now, depending upon where you live and how your house is constructed, $120 may not sound like a large bill to power a 2700 sq ft home; but after the extra expense I had gone to for thicker walls (and hence higher R value insulation) and high-quality windows, I didn’t like the look of it, and I set my lip in a firm line, determined to do better. First up, along with letting the cats eat in a laundry room lit by a 60-Watt pinup lamp (rather than six 75-Watt overhead recessed lights) was allowing an extra five minutes each morning, going around closing insulated curtains and lowering matchstick blinds on the sides of the house where the sun would be shining while I was at work. Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Plum Cake

Plum Cake

Every country has it’s own special foods for celebrating Christmas. In the States from my childhood I associate cookie making as the special baking session of the season. Germany has stollen. But I have lived more than a quarter of a century now in either England or Ireland and the comestible essentials seem to be Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and mince pies.

Christmas pudding translates easily to what Americans know as plum pudding. The making of the pudding is highly ritualised with a special ‘Stir Up Sunday’ at the beginning of advent when the pudding is mixed up and each member of the household asked to stir in a wish. The prizes – silver boots, pennies, etc. are carefully wrapped in greaseproof paper and put in the pudding after the mix has been put in a muslin lined pudding basin. Then the first steaming session commences. Continue reading

Celebrate a low tech Christmas in a high tech world

Lehman's Homemade Jam

Lehman’s Homemade Jam

It’s no surprise that retailers predict technology will be at the top of many holiday wish lists again this year. But if you’re not techno-savvy, or not comfortable with the expense of high-tech gifts, there is good news: low-tech and “no-tech” gifts can still fit every taste and budget.

“Simple, non technology gifts will always be in style,” predicts Glenda Lehman Ervin, a gift-giving expert with Lehman’s old-time general store. “Items, like food, linens, cookware, lotions and scents, and old-fashioned toys can be wonderful gifts – to give and receive – for people who are not necessarily plugged in to the high-tech trend. They can also be refreshing and fun alternatives for the “tekkies” in your life.”

Lehman Ervin, whose family-run business has sold simple, technology-free gifts for over 50 years, offers the following tips for 10 low-tech gifts sure to enhance any holiday wish list: Continue reading

Lehman’s on Facebook

I have given the concept of community a lot of thought in the last couple of months. As I ponder the meaning of community, I had to google the definition. According to Merriam-Websters web site the definition that seems most pertinent would have to be:

1b: people with common interests living in a particular area

Of Course a “particular area” can refer to a geographical location, such as a neighborhood, town, city, etc.

Lehman’s support of the local community in Kidron Ohio, has been going on for over 50 years. The support that Lehman’s provides is sponsorship of events and the participation in the community by the Lehman family and employees of Lehman’s.

Couldn’t a “particular area” also refer to the Internet? Aren’t we all apart of a large and diverse community being brought together in cyberspace? Continue reading

Lehman’s Videos – Store Visitors

The list of Lehman’s videos available on the YouTube channel is growing.

Already available are the Demonstration videos featuring the Fruit Press, the incredible Apple Peeler, Lehman’s Butter Churn, How to Assemble and Light an Aladdin Lamp, and Wood Heat Stoves: What you need to know. Also available is the Hitzer Stove – Daily Maintenance Video that was posted earlier this year. In post production are two new demonstration videos “Grain Mills: How to choose” and “Grain Mills: How to use”.

A new series of videos that feature Galen Lehman (Owner/President) talking with visitors at Lehman’s Kidron Ohio store. Currently Lehman’s has posted three of these videos, but a lot more are in post production. These videos are available on the YouTube channel. Lehman’s also filmed Glenda Lehman Ervin (Owner/VP marketing) talking with customers at the Kidron, Ohio Store, these videos are in post production and will be available soon.