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Homemade Laundry Soap Starter Set

Homemade Laundry Soap Starter Set

As the weather finally turns to cooler breezes, the harvest is in and young couples turn their minds and hearts to taking the sacred step of marriage and starting their own households. These special occasions need care and love when picking out a gift that will help them get started on the right foot. An “all-in-one” kit or set is always a great idea, since it includes everything the newlyweds will need to learn or practice an old-time skill.

Here are some ideas that may be exactly what you had in mind:

Homemade Laundry Soap Starter Set – This set contains all the of essentials to make your own laundry soap. Gentle on skin but tough on dirt and all at a bargain of $.06 per load. Continue reading

A Spoonful of Summer Memories

As the days of summer draw to an end, many of us will girlsatseashorestill be wondering what we are going to do with all those shells that followed us home from the beach.  One great craft to do with them, especially if you have children, is to make shell spoons.  These handcrafted spoons can become a memorable keepsake or add some whimsical fun to mealtime.

You will need: seashells; popsicle sticks; food-safe glue; and duct tape, fabric or ribbon for spoon handle covering.

First, choose shells that are “spoon-shaped,” have bright colors and interesting designs.  Handwash your shells thoroughly to remove all sand and beach grime.  Continue reading

Return of the Humble Sandwich

The combination of the heat from late August’s “Dog Days of Summer” and the busyness of Back to School can cause the humble sandwich to find its way to a starring role on the supper table. The addition of some delicious and healthy ingredients (some straight from the garden, if you have them!) can turn the ordinary mixture of bread, condiment, and protein into a quick and healthy balanced meal. Give these tasty recipes a try on your supper table: Continue reading

Are you ready for cold weather?

Lehman’s has a larger selection of wood burning stove than any other dealer in North America. We’ll even help you find a stove installer in your area.

Even if cold weather is little more than a dream for some of you while you’re still having searing temperatures, it will come! For some of us, cold weather really never left this year, but either way, cooler or colder weather is coming and we need to prepare for it. It may seem early to be thinking about it, but better a little early than a little late.

Have you made a list of what needs to be done? Here’s mine:

A town that doesn’t exist!

Kidron, my home town, was never legally incorporated and therefore doesn’t legally exist.

Don’t tell that to my neighbors! The little valley of Kidron is home to dozens of families I know and respect. I’m a seventh generation Kidronite, and I’m here to tell you that we’re mighty proud of our tight little community!

For over 100 years Kidron has been the area’s market place, social gathering spot and supply depot. My grandfather helped put in the first roads, but when “horseless carriages” came in on those roads, Kidron’s hitching rail stayed.

The parking lot in downtown Kidron on sale day (Lehman's is in the upper right hand corner)

The parking lot in downtown Kidron on sale day (Lehman's is in the upper right hand corner)

The rolling hills around Kidron, Ohio are home to the world’s largest Amish community. Decades of serving the Amish, who believe in simple living without Continue reading

An Ode to the Cookbook (and some summer garden recipes)

It’s been said that a great cookbook is much more than just a book – it’s a lifetime investment. As cheesy as that may sound, isn’t it true?

Think about your favorite cookbook. Maybe you even got it from your mother or grandmother. The pages start to curl at the edges, you get fingerprints on the cover, you spill all kinds of stuff  – vanilla, Worcestershire sauce, various cake batters – on it as you lovingly cook for your family.

If you’re like me, you make extremely vital notes all over the pages. (In fact, my cookbooks are getting to be more like family history books, as my scribbles tell me that I made this dish for Christmas morning brunch in 2000, tried this new recipe in May and hubby liked it, and experimented with adding extra ingredients to this or that recipe).

And many times, those well-used cookbooks get handed down to the next young cook. Continue reading

Aunt Mary’s Sweet Pickles

My mom came from a family of nine children. She was the second youngest – the youngest lived only a few months, so Mom was the baby of the family. My grandfather was one for nicknames and almost everyone in the family had one. My mother’s nickname was “Mush” – don’t know why for sure, but it’s funny to hear my cousins call her “Auntie Mush.” Mom, being the youngest, had nieces and nephews that were almost as old as she was. One of my favorite cousins played at the family farm with Mom when they were youngsters.

Mom’s oldest brother, Hugo, was always called “Hookey;” he and Mom’s other brother, Vernon, took over the farm from my grandfather and worked together. Uncle Vernon (he never had a nickname – strange) sold out to Uncle Hookey and went off to find his fortune elsewhere. After my grandfather died, my grandmother, Nana, helped on the farm until Uncle Hookey married Aunt Mary. Continue reading

Happenings in Kidron, August 19, 2010

An argument erupted at the town council meeting in the village of Dalton (next door to Kidron). A resident has placed a boulder in a part of their yard that a survey shows is on the village’s right-of-way.

One council member threatened to have it removed and to bill the resident for the cost of removal. The mayor warned that the resident told her that if anyone tried to remove it, they would have to remove “someone” along with the rock because that Continue reading

Summertime is Pickling Time

Summertime brings us the freshest produce of the year. This is the ideal time to put up some of the bounty for the cold winder days.

There are a few hard and fast rules that will protect your family and the food you have worked to prepare. My first suggestion is to get a quality book on canning and read it. Lehman’s has all your canning supplies including the “Blue Ball Book” which many consider the only guide book you need.

Jars and Lids

When canning use standard canning jars with pretreated lids; leftover food jars are not safe to use, they can explode in hot water bath or pressure cooker. Discard any cracked or chipped jars.

Do not reuse lids, they come pretreated from the manufacturer with an agent to help them keep their seal.

My Daddy gave me gift of a large canning pressure cooker. I haven’t used it yet, but there is a batch of sauerkraut in the works it will be ideal for. Continue reading

Heirloom Veggies: Jewels of the Garden

With summer veggies at their peak, August is a delightful month of the year to be eating out of the garden.  Everything is amazingly colorful, juicy and delicious from the kaleidoscope of tomatoes to the many melon options. In my one acre market garden, I love experimenting with seed catalog choices for multi-color potatoes, beans of every hue and even tiny cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons. This splash of color and flavor is due largely to unique heirloom seeds. By definition, heirloom seeds are open-pollinated seeds of varieties that have been around for 50 years or more, often passed down through families. Continue reading

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