No Need to Knead: Dutch Oven Artisanal Bread


There is so much beauty to be found in simplicity. As far as food and daily rituals go, there may be nothing quite so simple and satisfying as making a fresh loaf of bread. You mix flour, water, salt, and yeast in their proper proportions, let your dough rise at its own natural pace, work it with your hands once ready, and toss it into the oven. Continue reading

Farewell, Soup Month: 2 More Pots to Simmer!

empty soup bowl

Wait – National Soup Month isn’t over yet! Here are two more great recipes to try and enjoy. The first is a quick, richer twist on traditional chicken noodle soup, and the second, a hearty, vegan choice topped with sauteed onions. Both recipes are found in our Lehman’s Diamond Jubilee Cookbook. And even though soup month is about to be officially over, we’ll still be simmering pots of soup well into the springtime. Bon appetit. Continue reading

From Amish Country, With Love: Handmade Chocolates for Your Valentine

chocolate sea salt caramels

I won’t beat around the bush: when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it just has to be chocolate. Am I right? Even the most painstakingly chosen gift adorned in fancy trimmings isn’t nearly as sweet without some chocolate-y goodness to go with it. And we’re all in luck this year, because Lehman’s is offering some of the choicest chocolates made in Ohio’s Amish Country, delivered directly to your doorstep. It’s a sweet tooth’s dream. Let’s take a little tour, shall we? Continue reading

Start A Garden Journal: 4 Easy Steps


Keeping a garden journal can be a very beneficial tool for reaching your garden’s full potential. But, even knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. I have found the easiest way to start your own garden journal is to take it one step at a time.

First, decide whether you want to keep a written journal or use a computer program. I use a written journal; it is part of my personal journal. For me, this makes it easier to know where it is, but yours may be a 3-ring binder or a separate diary. Continue reading

Dill Pickle Soup

potato soup

Kathi, one of our longtime Customer Service Representatives (and a Master Gardener, but that’s another post) shared this lip-smacking soup recipe with us a few years back. And although it may sound a little odd, the combination of the potato and the tangy pickle really do balance each other well, underpinned by the rich chicken stock. Continue reading

Rebuilding Grandma’s Wood Cookstove

Blogger Doug Smith is embarking on a winter project to refurbish his grandmother's Iron Master wood cookstove.

Blogger Doug Smith is embarking on a winter project to refurbish his grandmother’s Iron Master wood cookstove.

The smells were near heavenly: a faint hint of hickory and oak wood smoke masked heavily by the scents of salt pork and homemade sourdough biscuits which still lingered in the air leftover from breakfast before sunup.

My little “Granny” Smith would be clanging skillets and pans on the cast iron wood stove top or sifting flour at the Hoosier hutch, all in preparation for the magnificent lunch spread being prepared for all the family. Mom and the other ladies of the next generation would be playing second fiddle, handing the matriarch of the family ingredients, putting used cookware in the sink for washing, or setting the table for the wonderful feast to come. Continue reading

20 Home Security and Crime Prevention Secrets for Preppers

Reposted with Permission
by Gaye Levy, Backdoor Survival

Developed by a retired police officer, this heavy-duty door chain goes on your door's strike plate (on the inside) for added strength. At

Developed by a retired police officer, this heavy-duty door chain goes on your door’s strike plate (on the inside) for added strength. At

A major component of family preparedness is the maintenance of comfort, control, and self-preservation in a time of crisis. Whatever the source of the crisis, we as humans want to protect the homestead and our loved ones at any cost. (And by the way, many species on the animal kingdom do the same.)

The reason I bring this topic to the forefront is that recently, at a community meeting, I learned that home burglaries in my area are on the rise. This, in a community where many still do not lock their doors, was no surprise to me given the dire straits so many are in financially. And this isn’t localized. As the financial crunch continues with no end in sight, you can expect to see property crimes on the rise. Continue reading

Simply Souperb: 3 ‘Real Food’ Recipes for January


Steam rising from a hot, hardy, hearty bowl of soup. These sights, smells and flavors are what make January a perfect choice to be National Soup Month. Big batches of rib-sticking goodness make wonderful meals to finish up those long, cold winter days.

Making soup is not hard, nor does it take expensive ingredients. You can easily change the soup’s ingredients to fit your family’s likes. And, the leftovers are often even better in the days after the batch is made! Here are some basic recipes to get you started. Continue reading

Our Office SCOBY, Part I

2015-12-17 11.14.13

Fermenting. It’s one of our customers’ favorite old-time skills, hands-down. And we’re so glad to be able to supply the crocks, lids, boards, jars and even books to help you get started. However, while our store regularly has demonstrations and classes on how to ferment your own sauerkraut and kimchi, we hadn’t dabbled too much in the fermenting world here right in our office. Until now.

Continue reading