American Gardens Project Kicks Off Today!

Heirloom Seeds from Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio.

Some seeds have already reached their destinations…this photo from our Plains gardener.

Six boxes leave on a snowy Ohio day.

Five different heirloom seed packets are in each box.

The boxes head to six different locations: mountain foothills, a humid Southern plain, Western prairie, an urban Midwest neighborhood, a rocky eastern small town, and an Ohio river valley.

It’s the American Gardens project, and it’ll run until harvest this fall!

How will each seed do? How will the gardeners cope with the conditions in their widely varying locations? Stay tuned–we’ll be updating you regularly with reports from the gardeners and photos of the gardens.

Want to Start Your Own American Garden?
The varieties used in the American Gardens project are listed below. Our American Gardeners are using Seed Savers heirloom seeds from

Remember, seeds are a seasonal product, and some quantities may be limited. If you can’t get the exact seed, consider a close alternative–perhaps a different variety of bean or tomato that has similar habit and production.

Lazy Housewife Beans
Black Cherry Tomatoes
Three Hearts Lettuce
Little Potato Cucumbers
Dragon Carrot Seeds