Backstage at Lehman’s

“Wow. I bet you get to play with all the cool stuff first.” Everyone that works at Lehman’s hears this from folks when we tell them where we work.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on the product, really. This Monday, though, we got the Christmas kaleidoscopes in, and everyone had to try them out. They were floating all over the first floor, not just the creative department.

There are traditional cardboard ones (that’s what Shonda, on the left, has), and then this really cool one that has metallic moons, stars, blue sand and white sand suspended in a tube of glycerin. When you look through the eyepiece, it’s like looking at sunlight reflecting on water.

That’s what Greg has, on the right in the picture above, and what Pearl’s looking at the picture here. (If you’ve called about a gas refrigerator or freezer, you’ve talked to Pearl.)

So, sure. We do get to play with the cool stuff first. And this time of year, I think we’re all kids at heart!