Lehman’s Earth Day Favorites

Earth Day is April 22–less than a week away! Check out some favorite ‘green’ products we love. Here at Lehman’s, we’re as interested as you are in developing a sensible, sustainable lifestyle. When we evaluate new products, those are things we always consider (along with value forprice, durability, practicality and country of origin). Our employees, partners and friends value these things too.

Check out a few ‘green’ products we love. (Point and click your mouse on the blue text to see them on our website.)


Alyssa, Replenishment Buyer

Alyssa Salsburey, Replenishment Buyer, J.R. Liggett Shampoo Bars
Check out the picture at right–Alyssa has gorgeous hair, and the J.R. Liggett shampoo bars are why. ” I love the Jojoba and Peppermint. It makes my hair look and feel better than it has for years (it’s difficult to find the right products for curly hair). I don’t have to use conditioner anymore, which saves tons of cash. The bar lasts longer than a standard bottle of shampoo too. The best part about Liggett shampoo bars is that they are very gentle. There are no harsh chemicals to rinse down the drain or ruin my hair, plus the soap is in a biodegradable package, so there are no plastic bottles to dispose of either!”

Lehman's Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer

Sara Nussbaum, Copywriter,
Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer

A busy mom with two children and one on the way, the Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer (shown at right) is a must for her! Sippy cups and bottles are washed, and popped on the stems to air dry. She also uses it to dry plastic food storage bags, in which she later stores her yummy homemade bread. She’s got a ‘dream product’ in mind too: ‘”I would love any or all of the canning supplies, especially a Lehman’s Best Pressure Canner, 30 qt size. We freeze a lot of vegetables and meat, but canning seems like it would be even better (no thawing, no fear or losing food in a power outage). Even if I don’t grow all the food (at least for the first few years) I have sources for local foods such as grapes, tomatoes, apples, sweet corn, berries and meat. I would love to can grape juice, jam, applesauce, other produce and meat. I’m going to start slow and work my way up to Super-Canner status! ”

Country Life blogger Doug Smith, Oil Lamps
“When we have an evening at home to relax, we often light a table lamp or wall lantern. We keep several lamps around our 1880’s Victorian-style house. And we have extra oil, wicks and elements to fit canning jars in our emergency provisions.”

Country Life
Jacqueline Franks, 

How to Make and Use Compost
“Your best green products are books, especially How To Make and Use Compost, which helped us to understand composting better and then make our own 3-stall compost bin. There is just no finer way to recycle all the veggie and fruit scraps and yard debris into usable mineral-rich soil than by composting.We grow the best garden with the help it gives the soil.”

Roma Food Mill
Country Life blogger Lisa Amstutz, Roma Food Mill
“My favorite green product from Lehman’s is my Roma food mill, particularly the salsa screen, which made salsa-making a breeze last summer. Our home-canned salsa is not only tasty and economical, it is as local as you can get, pesticide free, and stored in reusable canning jars. Can’t beat that!”