Equine and Amish Art in a Big Way


This is ‘big’ equine art as in 7.5 feet tall to the tip of the back horse’s ears!  I am getting the sense of the statement Roy and Rex will make as people enter into Lehman’s and the Buggy Barn.   They are big, bold and powerful looking!   And kind.  If anyone knows drafts, they know these big horses are very often very gentle and sweet-natured.  I am enjoying hearing the stories from the ‘English’ or non Amish people in the store who remember having work horses on either their grandparents farm or their own farm growing up.  I know that world seems far removed from most of the kids in our society now so I am glad to have a part in keeping those memories alive.


I also am enjoying hearing how original art touches people.  I am hearing people tell of how they enjoy creating themselves and they appreciate seeing something others create that is original and hand-painted.   As you can see in the one photo I freehand sketched the rough draft of the harness on the wall with chalk and then refine and define with the paint as I go along.  I freehand drew the horses on the wall with chalk too in the very beginning which is quite different than drawing on paper because when I drew on the wall I could not see the whole picture.  What I did was measure out marks where I thought the tip of the ears should go to, or the crest of the neck or the point of the shoulder to give me some parameters to work within.   I made out quite an elaborate draft with points and measurements before I started to get the right porortions but really once I got to drawing it became easier to use my eyes and not the measuring stick!  I would NOT make a very good carpenter because I draw much better than I measure!

If the talk of original art and creating things of beauty is of interest to you, mark your calenders for Sat. July 12 so you can come to the Kidron store and see myself and other local artists at work at Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival.  I plan on bringing my equine and amish themed art in watercolors, acrylics and pastels.  We also will have other artists demonstrating their art such as potters, rug hookers, fiber artists, wood carvers, painters and musicians.  Check back often or visit www.kidronarts.com for individual artist’s profiles.  To see previous work in progress blog posts click on my name under the title of this entry.  To see more of my artwork go to www.suesteiner.com

About Sue Steiner

I am a professional artist living in the Kidron area. With a farming background and my love for animals and anything agricultural it was a natural fit when Lehman's asked me to paint the murals you see at the Kidron store. My biggest project to date was the mural of a life sized team of Amish work horses at the hitching post in the Buggy barn. I have the pleasure of adding to the murals on an ongoing basis as a painting demonstration during store hours on many Fridays. I also have the pleausre of bringing Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild members to the store for a wide variety of demos. You can find the demo schedule on this web site under the Events tab. It is always a pleasure to be in the store meeting new folks. I find Lehman's customers to be the very best, down to earth people! It is also my pleasure to help network with all the talented artists and crafters in the area.