Helping Out Family of the The Heart

This isn't Norma and I. It's what our friendship feels like, though!

One of my great aunties used to say that close friends were the ‘family of your heart.’ The older I get, the more I know she was right!

Right now, I’m helping with a family member who is ill, and my dear friends Norma and Hugh are putting me up. Norma’s always been into cooking (she’s a great cook), and she’s interested in frugal living–aren’t we all? She wants to make her own laundry soap too.

Recently, we were doing laundry, and a couple of items just would not release some stains. (Maybe it was that store-bought detergent–who knows?) I suggested dish soap for the spots on the blue shirt, and shared that I had gotten pasta sauce out of my good white shirt last week with a judicious application of tooth powder and a bit of water. She tried the dish soap, and her top came out looking like new! It was a small moment, but when I can help a girlfriend save her favorite shirt, it’s a good day–especially when she’s been such a gift to me.

I’m really looking forward to teaching her how to make laundry soap soon–I’m thinking that we’ll take pictures to share! Adding some country ways to her city home seems to be working for all of us. Let me know what things you do to help out your ‘family of the heart’. I’ll publish the best in a future post of Country Life. Drop me a line at or Pictures are welcome too! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.