Fiber Art Demo

Hand-dyed yarn

As the temperatures dropped this week and a definite chill set in many of us found ourselves reaching for a nice, cozy sweater.  Soon it will be time to  buddled up in scarves and mittens, thick socks and hats as the snow begins to fly.  When these items are made with natural fiber it becomes a real treat to bundle up rather than a chore.  Natural fiber is luxurious as well as practical.  It is timely then the Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild Demo this week features natural fiber from a local farm that raises alpacas and angora goats .  If you are a knitter or just enjoy learning new things you’ll want to stop by and meet Angela Seymour of Longhedges Fiber Farm.  She will be at the Kidron store demonstrating the steps needed to take to take the raw wool from her animals to a finished product.  Learn about the animal and unique qualitites of different fiber as you are shown how the process unfolds.

In our high tech world this down to earth activity of taking something from the farm to produce something with our hands has the ability to not only calm and soothe but to comfort as well.   Its no wonder fiber arts are so rewarding and popular!

The events calendar on the top of this page list similar educational and entertaining demonstrations now until the end of the year.

About Sue Steiner

I am a professional artist living in the Kidron area. With a farming background and my love for animals and anything agricultural it was a natural fit when Lehman's asked me to paint the murals you see at the Kidron store. My biggest project to date was the mural of a life sized team of Amish work horses at the hitching post in the Buggy barn. I have the pleasure of adding to the murals on an ongoing basis as a painting demonstration during store hours on many Fridays. I also have the pleausre of bringing Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild members to the store for a wide variety of demos. You can find the demo schedule on this web site under the Events tab. It is always a pleasure to be in the store meeting new folks. I find Lehman's customers to be the very best, down to earth people! It is also my pleasure to help network with all the talented artists and crafters in the area.