Fruit and Vegetable Twinklers

Holiday candles nested in fruits or vegetables are a creative way to light up a room. These twinklers are an excellent reason to forgo traditional holiday candle holders for a more “natural” alternative.

Orange Clove Twinklers

This first one is easy and smells good even while you’re making it.  You will need:  a knife, whole cloves, a candle, and a whole orange.

Cut the bottom of the orange so it can sit flat.  Good candle holders do not roll away.  (Place the orange on a plate or in a bowl to prevent any juice drips.) Cut a hole in the center and scoop out enough of the insides to fit a candle.  Decorate the rim of hole by pressing cloves into the orange skin. Insert the candle into the hole.

For a twist on this, use an artichoke. Simply cut and scoop out the center for a candle.

Bamboo, Cinnamon Stick or Magnolia Leaf Twinklers

This wonderful twinkler can also be used as a vase and would make a wonderful year round addition to your décor.  You will need: small diameter sticks of bamboo, cinnamon sticks, or magnolia leaves, rustic looking string (like twine, braided rope, or raffia) , glass jar, glue, rubber band, and a candle large enough to stick out of the jar.

Choose a jar that is about 2 inches shorter than your candle and the same length as your bamboo, cinnamon, or magnolia leaves. Place a rubber band around the middle of your jar. Apply glue along the side of the bamboo, cinnamon stick, or leaf and fit the item inside the rubber band, with glue against the jar. Repeat this until the entire jar is covered with bamboo, cinnamon sticks, or leaves. Wrap your choice of rustic looking string over the rubber band and tie it attractively. Tie a bow over the knotted rope and insert the candle.

To keep the green and natural feeling going, consider using beeswax or soy oil candles.  They are less harmful and smell better too. Round out your natural holiday decorating with popcorn or cranberry garland strings that will be able to feed the birds when you’re done with them.

Going green with your decorations can be simple and fun for the whole family.

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