Pick Fresh, Innovative Products for Your Green Lifestyle

No matter where you are in your journey toward ecologically responsible, self-reliant living, remember that you have a traveling partner in Lehman’s. We can help you get started, and smooth the road for those of you already traveling toward the goal of self-sufficiency.

One thing we’ve noticed is that sometimes, there’s an impression that ‘green’ means workaday and, well, plain. While that can be the case, there are a few new products we’ve introduced that give you some attractive alternatives to the ordinary, and we’ve included two of them on this list.

1. Glass Wasp Catchers: A beautiful, re-usable, chemical-free alternative to bag-and-bait traps. Remove the cork at the top, add a sugar-and-water solution. Wasps and yellow jackets enter from the bottom, but can’t get out. Small, violet; large, red.

2. SelecTool Master Sharpener: Do it yourself! Tool includes precisely angled sharpeners for both sides of blades, so it’s nearly goof-proof. Sharpens serrated knives too. Bonus feature: there’s a glass and tile cutter on the tool too.

Feuerhand Lanterns3. Feuerhand Lanterns: From Germany, these Dietz #76 lookalikes are tops! They’re heavier than Dietz #76s, and the durable Suprax heat-resistant glass globes stand up to cold weather. The painted finishes are deep, even and shiny, and the tank holds 20 hours of fuel. It’s the perfect farm or emergency lantern, and looks great on a deck too.

4. The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science: The children will know they’re doing science, but they’ll be having so much fun with this book (and your help) that they won’t mind a bit. Great for enrichment projects, science fair ideas or homeschool programs.

5. Canning Jar Bands In Bulk: With 60 per pack, you’ll always have plenty on hand. OK, they’re not gorgeous, but they’re practical, especially in this quantity. (When we were young, Mom let us paint jar bands, and add jewels for ‘bracelets’.) Made in USA, fits standard jars.

Do you have ideas for things you think we should carry? Contact us at info@lehmans.com. Want to rave about things you purchased from us, and can’t live without? Go to the product’s page at www.lehmans.com and leave us a review.