starting a small farm

I am looking for a small property to farm in N.W Montana, I want the usual , chickens, a pig , cow for milk and 4 or 5 cows for meat for my family and to sell for profit. How many acres would i need to support 5 grazing cows and how many acres of hay would I need for winter feed.

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I am a single parent of 8, five boys and three girls. All grown with families of their own, all except my youngest, he is still at home because he has Down Syndrome. He is the love of my life. We live in Bigfork Montana, and I have a dream to own a ranch and become a foster parent to developmentally delayed children or adults. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and love all things country.

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  1. Have you read “The Family Cow” by Dirk van Loon or “The Guide to Self-Sufficiency” by John Seymour?

    The amount of anything you get from an acre is variable. Conditions like soil type, quality, etc make a standard measurement hard. You first have to decide were you want to live. Another good site to look at is the US Agriculture Site.

  2. Not sure where I got this info, but I can remember 1-1.5 acres per head of cattle. Winter feeding is something you may want to talk with the locals about…good luck…live your dream

  3. Not sure I have done this correctly, I am sorry if I didn’t. Can you make very small batches of the bread starter? I am wanting to make bread for one for a week. I have also had gastric bypass surgery. I just want to attempt it. I am learning so many new things which are old…and I am enjoying it. Thanks so much. Also, I have enjoyed my first visit today.