Perfect, Make-Ahead Pumpkin Muffins

Read on for Kathy's favorite muffin recipe!

Read on for Kathy’s favorite muffin recipe!

The days are still warm but the nights hold a chill, just a hint that fall is around the corner.

In the heat of summer, breakfast is often just fruit and yogurt or a cool smoothie. But fall calls for more substantial fare. Kids are heading off to school and time is at a premium too, so having meals both quick and hearty is a boon to busy homemakers. Back when I was seeing 8 kids out the door each morning I got in the habit of preparing breakfast the night before. It’s become a habit that still makes good sense, even though I now have only one child at home. Continue reading

Backstage at Lehmans: Shelley’s Favorite Pumpkin Flavor In A “Brownie”!

Shelley at her desk in Lehman's creative department.

Shelley at her desk in Lehman’s Dalton office.

If you’re a regular reader of Country Life, you’ll know that Shelley Salsburey, part of our merchandising team, is a big fan of pumpkin. (We always have pumpkin treats in the office for her October birthday!)

Recently, she came across a new-to-her recipe for Harvest Pumpkin Brownies. And it sounded so good, I went right into the kitchen to make it! It’s a perfect treat, and it goes together so quickly. It’s ideal when you need a goodie for an impromptu get-together.

This recipe’s prep is super easy. The pumpkin that makes the brownies moist also makes the batter easy to mix. So using just a big mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and a whisk, the batter was ready in no time! Continue reading