Waffling About Waffle Irons

Let’s get this straight right from the start: I don’t care for waffles. I don’t not like them; I can eat them and not complain, but if I never met a waffle the rest of my life I’d never miss it.

So I got a waffle iron one Christmas – the kind you plug into the wall but can’t put in the dish water. Well, I never thought I was that dense, but will somebody please tell me how in the world you can keep an appliance like that clean?

The instruction manual said to use oil, even though the box said “nonstick,” and by the time the iron got hot enough to use it was already a gunky mess… anyway, then you pour in the batter and excess oil spills out (no matter how careful you are, there’s an excess somewhere) and by the time it’s over, brown, sticky, gunky stuff is all over the pretty shiny outside of it.

I conscientiously scrubbed and wiped and scraped that little monster every time I used it, which became less and less often, until it had been unused long enough I felt justified in getting rid of it.

Then I found a beautiful, heavy cast iron model that you use on top of the stove and plop right into the dish water when you’re through (after it cools). Awesome!

Have I bought one? Well, no. You see, I really don’t care for waffles. But if someone who does like them reads this… well, who knows what may happen? It’s a New Year, after all.

And, even I know you can’t have real waffles without real maple syrup. Mmmm….

You know…

Possibly for the first time in my life, I think I’m getting hungry for waffles

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5 thoughts on “Waffling About Waffle Irons

  1. What a coincidence. We put cornbread batter into the waffle iron last night, topped them with pulled pork and coleslaw for dinner. Very good!

  2. we love waffles, don’t care as much for pancakes…we just bought a waffle iron…an electric one, like the one described in the post..have had no problems with it, including overflowing and cleaning…..I would be interested in a cast iron one though…..love cast iron…..waffles are light and fluffy….delicious!

  3. oh, and if you have enough fat in the batter, a very LIGHT spray or brush of oil on your non-stick will be fine. The trick is fat in the batter.