We’re not April foolin’ – 10 things we really sell

They may be our most unique, even bizzare products – but our customers LOVE them. Our strangest, most old-fashioned and some seemingly “obselete” items are some of our best sellers, year after year. Take a look:

pant stretcherPants Stretcher: For real – never iron pants again!

donkey milk soap

Donkey’s Milk Soap: Good enough for Cleopatra’s baths, good enough for yours.

pocket dentist

Pocket Dentist: We so wish it was actually a tiny person – but it’s still a pretty cool tool.

nose hair trimmer

Pocket Nose Hair Trimmer: For the area just above where the pocket dentist works.

soap nuts

Laundry Soap Nuts: Nuts in the washer? Yep, and you’ll love the way they clean, with no suds!

fly shooter

Fly Shooter: So much more fun – and satisfying – than a swatter.

herbal nail soak

Herbal Nail Fungus Soak: Annoying fungus, BE GONE. Herbally and naturally.

turkey gizzards

Cooked Turkey Gizzards: You know you want to munch these in front of everyone at your next party.

hog scraper

Hog Scraper: Someone’s gotta do it, people! Do you want your bacon or not?

canned bacon one canCanned Bacon: Speaking of which…

Happy April Fool’s Day!