Behind The Scenes At Lehman’s

Amish made straw hats

From My Desk: Why We Exist

Why we exist is a tough question to answer because it’s different for each of us and it takes some true soul searching. The same was true for our business.

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furniture Grandpa bought from trip with Jay Lehman

From My Desk: Family Ties

Grandpa Howard Miller, our founder, and Jay Lehman, the founder of Lehman’s, were always very fond of each other. In fact, they were friends.

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Zach's family

From My Desk: A Family Business

Hi, I’m Zach Coblentz. I’m a fourth-generation family business owner of HRM Enterprises (the parent company of Lehman’s), and here is my family’s story.

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The Best Way to Make Apple Cider

What’s the secret to making the best cider? The press you use! Learn how using Lehman’s stainless steel press can help you make the best-tasting cider.

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